Project Description

Auditorium Ex Chiesa del Carmine – Parma

Main hall, Polytechnic University of Milan

As part of the experience accumulated over the years, Matis is proud to have studied and intervened in numerous theatres, concert halls and auditoriums.

Concert halls, theatres and auditoriums need to be ideal places for undisturbed listening of the most natural sound possible. The better a venue’s acoustics, the more positive the audience response.

Once a certain sound level is reached, the acoustic sensation experienced by an individual in an enclosed space depends on residual reverberation of previously emitted sound as well as the spatial characteristics and the sound signal coming directly from the source.

Therefore the importance of distribution in both time and space of the sound energy in every part of the room is evident; this can be modified by acoustic conditioning of the space, controlling reverb time, directing and strengthening the sound signal into areas of low acoustics, in order to obtain a sufficient sound level for an optimum listening experience.

By evaluating these parameters at every point in the hall, it is possible to calculate how to modify the system so as to make the acoustic behaviour as good and even as possible.

Some references:

  • Teatro Alla Scala rehearsal and recording rooms – Milan
  • Eurodisney recording rooms – Paris
  • Emilia Romagna Orchestra music production centre “Arturo Toscanini” – Parma
  • Cesena music school auditorium
  • Bologna Symphony Orchestra rehearsal room
  • Modifications to the orchestra pit, Ponchielli Theatre – Cremona
  • Music, conference and meeting rooms, Palazzo Gazzoli – Terni
  • Main hall, Polytechnic University of Milan
  • Rehearsal room, auditorium, organ room, theatre of Tashkent – Uzbekistan
  • Rehearsal room, Auditorium Paganini in Parma (design by architect Renzo Piano)
  • Auditorium Ex Chiesa del Carmine – Parma
  • Rehearsal room, Violin Museum – Cremona
  • Study for the execution of “La Escuela de Musica” in Havana, Cuba, designed by architect Vittorio Garatti

Clients: Theatre directors – Concert halls – Auditoriums – Rehearsal rooms

Location: Various locations