Anti-noise barriers, soundproofing cabins,
environmental treatments,
theatres, acoustic remediation

Matis came into being in the 1970s, thanks to the intuition of founder Claudio Barabaschi. The name is a combination of the first letters of Materiali Isolanti – insulating materials – the firm’s sector of operation.

Matis stands out as a pioneer in the field of noise pollution, which at that time was deemed unimportant, as its relevance to both industry and civil life was not recognised.

It is in the 80s that Matis completes one of its most original and significant commissions: the former Abanella room at La Scala theatre in Milan is converted into a rehearsal and recording room for the orchestra, resulting in a space with variable reverb which is still used today for the same purposes. This project is considered experimental and innovative; so much so that the results of acoustic measurements in the rehearsal room are presented at the 18th national conference of the A.I.A. (Italian Acoustic Association) by those responsible, engineer Angelo Farina and surveyor Claudio Barabaschi.


Since 1978, Matis Insonorizzazioni S.r.l.’s activity is dedicated to applied acoustics, materials and interventions for noise control.
Projects include acoustics interventions (acoustics planning) in the industrial sector, such as industrial insulation, and in the construction sector, external shielding and environment interventions, construction of auditoriums, recording studios and theatres.

Anti-noise barriers

Standard anti-noise barriers consist of two main types of components


Soundproofing for industry concerns every sector, and ranges from direct intervention

Food Industry

For the food industry we install primarily structures which are patented

MTL Soundproofing sheet

MTL soundproofing sheet is a laminate obtained by joining two commecial-type sheets with the insertion

Water testing cabins

Prova Idrica soundproof cabins for vehicle testing

Matis guarantees the luxury of tailor-made silence, designing specific acoustics and insulation solutions.
Years of experience in the sector have allowed Matis to create a number of specific products for all types of environments and issues, such as metal noise barriers, wood barriers, MOBI mobile barriers and soundproof cabins made with soundproof panels, acoustics insulation, theatres, auditoriums, multifunctional rooms, environment interventions.

Our references

“In my view, Matis is a resource which can be considered strategic for Ansaldo.
In our experience, with the provision of soundproofing cabinets for the TG AE.94.2 turbines at the MAHMOUDIA power plant, Matis demonstrated respect for deadlines, efficiency and collaboration and, with input from us, integrated fully in our management system.”
Massimo Oddone - Expediting Logistic Department, Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.
“Matis Insonorizzazioni worked for us in 2014 to install a soundproofing system on the lower outlet duct of a hydroelectric plant in Piedmont, which was exceeding legal limits under particular operating conditions. Thanks to Matis’ professionalism and technical expertise, the work was carried out successfully, set times and costs were fully respected, and the plant can now work within legal noise limits under any operating conditions”
Ing. Francesco Camillieri - Technical Services, ENEL GREEN POWER
“Regarding the work carried out at Ipercoop Ariosto and Ipercoop Baragalla, the results obtained are extremely satisfactory, and the work was completed within the allotted time on a complex site.
Your technical coordination and expertise were wholly commendable. As far as I am concerned, you will certainly be invited to tender for other work.”
Surveyor Stefano Margherita, COOP ALLEANZA 3.0

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