Project Description

Our client, Ansaldo Energia, obtained a commission for the supply of a double thermal power station in Egypt and contracted Matis for the construction of cabins for soundproofing the installations.

The distinguishing feature of this project was the volume of work to be carried out to extremely tight deadlines.

Over four months we worked side by side with Ansaldo to develop the construction plans for the manufacture of cabins for Generator, Turbogas and Auxiliary units; this involved the use of 26,700 kilos of iron, treatment of the load-bearing structures with intumescent paint, preparation of 2700 square metres of soundproof panels and packaging everything for shipping to Egypt.

The task was truly enormous, but thanks to the synergy developed with the client and with our suppliers, the project was successfully completed in the allotted time, to the great satisfaction of our client.

ansaldo energia

Client: Ansaldo Energia

Location: El Mahmoudia (Egypt)