MTL soundproofing sheet is a laminate obtained by joining two commecial-type sheets with the insertion of a viscoelastic plastic layer which acts as a muffler.

The viscoelastic layer produces a high degree of internal loss which transforms the kinetic energy generated by vibrations into thermal energy.

The physical properties such as rigidity and resistance to compression or tension are comparable to the properties of two sheets combined without the aid of adhesives.

It is possible to combine sheets of different materials (e.g. stainless and galvanised steel) and different thicknesses.

In the case of joining two sheets of different thicknesses, it is recommended that the thickness of one should not be less than half the thickness of the other, to retain soundproofing performance.


The muffling effect is independent of the thickness of the MTL panel, and the complete absence of resonance makes MTL irreplaceable in the construction of components for reducing noise conveyed structurally.

MTL muffling sheet is particularly suitable for the construction of vibrating slides, feeders, hoppers, workbenches, ventilation ducts, conveyor belts, protection for fans, canopies for machinery, tools and motor and vehicle components in general, where the operating temperature does not exceed 80-90°C.