Prova Idrica soundproof cabins for vehicle testing are designed and manufactured by MATIS, resulting in a unique product, to the extent that the cabins have been chosen by FIAT-FCA as standard equipment for this type of operation.

The cabins consist of a framework in galvanised and painted steel, into which the soundproofing panels and glass panels are inserted from the inside.

The cabins are fitted with large side windows which can be milk white or transparent, all of which undergo anti-drip treatment.

The side and ceiling soundproofing panels are sandwich structure.

The windows are in layered safety glass.

The cabins are designed to prevent potential water leaks, and all components are meticulously sealed.

We have supplied Prova Idrica cabins for testing lines to the following:

  • Ferrari Maranello (MO)
  • Maserati (MO)
  • FCA Mirafiori (TO)
  • FIAT Pomigliano (NA)
  • FCA Melfi (PT)
  • FCA Cassino (FR)
  • FIAT Tychy – Poland
  • FCA Pernambuco – Brazil
  • FIAT Kracujevac – Serbia