Ing. Francesco Camillieri
Technical Services
Maintenance and Technical Services
O&M Hydro, Wind, Solar and Biomass Italy

Matis Insonorizzazioni worked for us in 2014 to install a soundproofing system on the lower outlet duct of a hydroelectric plant in Piedmont, which was exceeding legal limits under particular operating conditions. Thanks to Matis’ professionalism and technical expertise, the work was carried out successfully, set times and costs were fully respected, and the plant can now work within legal noise limits under any operating conditions
Ing. Francesco Camillieri, Technical Services, ENEL GREEEN POWER

Massimo Oddone
PRC/GFC -Expediting Logistic Department
Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.

In my view, Matis is a resource which can be considered strategic for Ansaldo.
In our experience, with the provision of soundproofing cabinets for the TG AE.94.2 turbines at the MAHMOUDIA power plant, Matis demonstrated respect for deadlines, efficiency and collaboration and, with input from us, integrated fully in our management system.
Massimo Oddone, PRC/GFC - Expediting Logistic Department, Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.

Surveyor Stefano Margherita
Chief Engineer of Construction

Regarding the work carried out at Ipercoop Ariosto and Ipercoop Baragalla, the results obtained are extremely satisfactory, and the work was completed within the allotted time on a complex site.
Your technical coordination and expertise were wholly commendable. As far as I am concerned, you will certainly be invited to tender for other work.
Surveyor Stefano Margherita - Chief Engineer of Construction, COOP ALLEANZA 3.0

Dr. Ing. A. Pianta
Vergani S.p.a.

It is with great pleasure that I re-established relations with Matis Insonorizzazioni, and I must acknowledge the enormous professionalism of Mr Barabaschi who, in a short space of time, turned a noise problem into an experience which, besides giving excellent results, was also able to solve other minor problems to do with noise, in a simple and highly effective way.
Dr. Ing. A. Pianta, Vergani S.p.a.

Surveyor Giuseppe Furci
Technical Manager Highway
Autostrade Centropadane

Our experience of working with Matis Insonorizzazioni was completely positive. Their technical team carried out the work with diligence and professionalism.
In terms of performance, the desired results were achieved.
Regarding the durability of the soundproof panels in wood, although it has been seven years since they were installed, to date they are still in good condition and fully functional.
Surveyor Giuseppe Furci - Technical Manager Highway, Autostrade Centropadane